Facilities, Sport & recreation  |  4 Feb 2022

A hydrotherapy pool has been added to the list of new facilities being built for residents in the south-west of Christchurch, with community fundraising set to play a key role in allowing its addition.

In response to strong community demand, Christchurch City Council has agreed to add a hydrotherapy pool to the new 4000 square meter multi-use centre that is currently under construction at Kyle Park in Hornby.

“There's an ongoing need for therapeutic warm-water pools in Christchurch, particularly in the city's west. At the moment, the nearest public facilities are in Rolleston and at Taiora QEII,’’ says the Council’s Head of Recreation, Sports and Events Nigel Cox.

An artist's impression of the new pool area inside the Hornby centre.

Mr Cox says the Council is supporting the fundraising efforts of the Rotary Club of Hornby and the Greater Hornby Residents’ Association for the hydrotherapy pool.

“The Council is going to put in $2.5 million and the balance of $1.4 million will be raised by the Rotary Club of Hornby and the Greater Hornby Residents’ Association. They are determined to reach that goal and we back them 100 per cent.

“Like all the best community projects, delivering a hydrotherapy pool for Hornby will be a real group effort. Having a shared fundraising goal will help connect the community to the new Hornby Centre and build a sense of belonging and ownership,’’ Mr Cox says.

Mark Peters, Community Director at the Rotary Club of Hornby, says that the community fundraising project is off to a fantastic start.

“We have already successfully applied to the Rata Foundation for $300,000 which means we are well on our way to achieving the $1.4 million target. We are thrilled to be able to partner with the Council to deliver a much-needed hydrotherapy pool to our community,” Mr Peters says.

Paul Burns, Head of Projects at the Rotary Club of Hornby, says that there are various fundraising initiatives planned in partnership with the Greater Hornby Residents’ Association. The groups have launched a website to share their progress.

"We have started planning for a local business fundraiser and local community fundraisers. It is a great chance for everyone to play their part for their area and get behind a once in a generation project of this scale," Mr Burns says.

Marc Duff, of the Greater Hornby Residents Association, says having a warm-water hydrotherapy pool included in the new Hornby Centre will cater for the needs of everyone in the community, from beginner swimmers, through to those with muscular aches and pains and conditions like arthritis.

“A warm water pool environment can provide benefit to anyone, including those wanting to increase their fitness, reduce pain with movement in a low impact environment, or generally improve their sense of wellbeing through the relaxing benefits of warm water,” says Mr Duff.