28 Apr 2023

Christchurch City Council’s Animal Management team is pulling out all the stops to help Bull Breed Rescue find new owners for their dogs.

“We have made a paddock across the road available to Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue to utilise so they can train and exercise their dogs in a safe environment. We avoid euthanasia at all costs so this is part of that ongoing work and relationship,” Animal Services Manager Lionel Bridger says.

If dogs need a little more time and training before they’re adopted into a new family, the Animal Shelter rehomes them to organisations like Bull Breed Rescue first to make sure they find the right owner.

“Letting the rescue utilised this paddock is mutually beneficial and our partnership is going from strength to strength,” Mr Bridger says.

“With the Council giving us access to their amazing secure space we have the freedom to train, socialise and play with our dogs without the fear of the public approaching us with off leash dogs,” Bull Breed Rescue Director Abby van der Plas says.

“Our dogs have often not had the best start to life so it allows us to go at their own pace and has already made such a huge difference to the socialisation of our dogs.”

“It also allows us to arrange meet and greets with potential adopters and their dogs on neutral ground in a safe environment. We are so grateful to the team at Animal Management for caring as much as they do about the wellbeing of our dogs,” she says.