31 Mar 2022

Public consultation on four Draft Plan Changes aimed at preparing Christchurch for future growth will open on Monday 11 April.

Christchurch City Council’s Urban Development and Transport Committee today agreed to release the four Draft Plan Changes for a five-week period of public consultation.

The plan changes are required because of  policy directions issued by the Government.

“These Draft Plan Changes, particularly the Draft Housing and Business Choice Plan Change, will have a significant impact on how our city develops in the coming years and will potentially alter the look and feel of some our neighbourhoods so I really encourage people to read up about them and have their say,’’ says Committee Chair Councillor Mike Davidson.

“While there are some aspects of the Draft Housing and Business Choice Plan Change that we cannot alter because we must follow the direction set by the Government, there are proposals that we can change based on the feedback we receive.’’

These are the Draft Plan Changes going out for consultation:

  • The Housing and Business Choice Plan Change – to bring our District Plan in line with government direction that has been given via the National Policy Statement-Urban Development (NPS-UD) and the Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply) Amendment Act to enable more development in the city’s existing urban footprint.
  • The Heritage Plan Change – we are proposing that 11 new residential heritage areas across the city be identified for protection in the District Plan to recognise Christchurch’s special identity and character and adding a total of 65 buildings, items and building interiors to the Schedule of Significant Historic Heritage.
  • The Coastal Hazards Plan Change – we need to avoid increased risk of harm to people and property from coastal hazards such as flooding, tsunami and erosion.
  • Radio Communication Pathways Plan Change – we need to protect airspace used for emergency radio communications by stopping development that blocks it.