Facilities  |  17 Jun 2019

A Hearings Panel has recommended that the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board approves a change to the reserve classification for part of Kyle Park, along with management plan amendments.

The decision means that Kyle Park is a step closer to becoming home to Hornby’s new library, customer services and recreation and sport centre.

The recommendation follows overwhelming public support for the changes, with 85 per cent of submissions to the Christchurch City Council in favour.

A Hearings Panel has supported changes for Kyle Park.

A Hearings Panel has supported changes for Kyle Park.

In total, the Council received 180 submissions on the proposed changes.

The proposed reclassification affects less than 20 per cent of the park site.

Hearings Panel Chairperson Emma Norrish says most submissions clearly support the proposed reserve classification change and management plan amendments.

“Local residents are very passionate about ensuring the best use of their parks for the community,” Ms Norrish says.

“The range of submissions on Kyle Park illustrates that people are engaged with the issue, and committed to energising the area with a shared space that benefits everyone.

“The recommendation recognises a wider community commitment to driving positive change in the area, particularly the need for connected facilities.”

The Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board is set to consider the recommendation on 23 July before making a final decision on Kyle Park’s partial reclassification and management plan amendments.