14 Dec 2021

With heavy rain forecast, Lyttelton residents could see stormwater flows on some streets while work is done to urgently repair a collapsed and blocked brick barrel stormwater drain.

Contractors are working on Oxford Street, between Ripon and Exeter streets, to excavate into a blocked stormwater pipe after a sump collapsed into it. Workers will need to dig about 5.5-6 metres down to reach the pipe. 

Stormwater upstream of the blocked section of pipe will be pumped away, diverting it from reaching the blocked area. The stormwater will be diverted down St Davids, Oxford and Exeter streets.

With heavy rain expected throughout Wednesday night, there will be heavy stormwater flows running down those streets. Temporary traffic measures will be in place to prevent people from accessing the area and sandbags are being deployed around certain properties as additional protection. We will be working closely with Fire and Emergency New Zealand to monitor the situation.

Head of Three Waters Helen Beaumont is asking residents who live around those areas to expect heavy stormwater flows down the streets.

“We’re pumping the stormwater upstream of the broken pipe onto surrounding streets to divert around houses so please be aware of this if you see a large amount of water going down these streets. We’re asking all residents living on Oxford Street, downstream of Rippon Street, to not park their cars on the road from this evening onwards.''

Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner says the Council has plans in place to handle the heavy stormwater levels expected.

“You may see our staff and contractors on the ground today and tomorrow distributing sandbags or setting up pumps or traffic measures. With the heavy rain expected, we are taking all precautions we can to ensure that the stormwater is diverted as best as possible and any surrounding properties and buildings are protected.”

Excavation work on the broken pipe will continue into the evening. The blockage will take a number of days to clear.