30 Aug 2017

The annual spring renovation of the city’s sports fields is under way as the muddy boots of winter sport prepare to give way to the summer codes.

Christchurch City Council has a narrow window of opportunity each spring to renovate and prepare the fields between the winter and summer sports changeover, and this year’s wet winter brings a warning the fields may look worse for wear during the renovation process. 

Council Operations Manager Neighbourhood and Sports Parks Al Hardy said the city's 338 sports fields were now receiving their spring spruce up. 

A tractor sows seeds in North Hagley Park

A tractor sows seeds in North Hagley park as part of the annual spring renovation of the city's sports fields.

“This is a huge annual task for our staff and contractors across the city. The work that is being carried out varies from field to field but in general it involves sowing of grass seed, aeration of the ground to promote drainage and fertility, repairing worn areas and fertilising.

“We’ve had a very wet winter and so some of the work underway may leave the fields with an appearance that the surface has been damaged due to mud being left on the leaves of the grass following the work. We want to assure residents this is normal and we have our contractors take care with operations not to damage the turf. “

Mr Hardy said the appearance of the fields would return to normal within a short period of time.

The city has 338 sports fields and during the switch between summer and winter sports codes, Council and contractors have just a few weeks week to turn the fields around.