5 Jul 2018

Puzzled by the green painted boxes appearing on the road at some Christchurch intersections?

The boxes are for cyclists wanting to do hook turns.

Hook turns are a safer way for people riding bikes to turn right at an intersection.

“Making a right turn at a busy intersection can be quite daunting if you are on a bike. By doing a hook turn a cyclist can stay on the left side of the road at all times so they don’t need to cross lanes of moving traffic to turn right,’’ says Christchurch City Council Transport Operations Manager Steffan Thomas.

“As our major cycleways network develops, people will notice more intersections where there are hook turn markings on the road. It is important that all road users understand what the markings mean and keep an eye out for each other,’’ Mr Thomas says.

"People on bikes can do hook turns at most intersections, even if there are no painted hook turn boxes.''

Watch our video to learn more about hook turns.