Climate change  |  21 Jul 2023

A new series of Christchurch Conversations will begin on 25 July, exploring the different social, design, and political aspects needed to create a regenerative city.

Presented by Te Pūtahi Centre for Architecture and City Making, the first Christchurch Conversations with Sophie Howe will look at creating intergenerational wellbeing. It will explore the future-facing transformations that Wales has made in urban and climate change matters through the lenses of housing, land-use and transport needs.

Sophie Howe has just completed her seven-year term as the inaugural Future Generations Commissioner for Wales – a government position established in 2015 to provide guardianship over the interests of future generations, and make Wales a better place to live.

Future Generations Commissioner Sophie Howe

Te Pūtahi director, Jessica Halliday, says Wales’ Well-Being of Future Generations Act was established in 2015 and Sophie’s position was central to that.

“Since the Act came into effect, and under Sophie’s guidance, Wales has undertaken some significant transformations,” says Ms Halliday.

“The changes they have introduced will ensure Wales can continue to meet today's needs without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own.”

“It will be interesting to understand how we can apply many of those same principles to Ōtautahi Christchurch, and I’m excited to hear what insights Sophie will share with us.”

The ‘creating intergenerational wellbeing’ Christchurch Conversations evening is a free event that will be held at the Oxford Terrace Baptist Church Auditorium from 5:30pm to 7pm.

You can register to participate either in person or online.

Christchurch Conversations 2023 is funded through the Christchurch City Council’s Sustainability Fund and supported by He Puna ORA Regenerative Action-Lab at AUT. Sophie Howe’s Christchurch Conversation is presented in partnership with Think Beyond.