Christchurch City Council is exploring options for upgrading one of the busiest public transport hubs in the city so it works better for bus users.

About 1400 passengers a day board buses at the bus stops on Buckleys Road, by the Eastgate Shopping Centre, in Linwood.

The current bus shelters on the western side of Buckleys Road are small and inadequate for the number of bus passengers using them. Getting across Buckleys Road is also difficult for passengers because of the high volume of traffic using the road.

Another issue is that some of 480 buses using the Buckleys Road stops each day also end up blocking people’s driveways.

“We want to build better bus shelters so waiting passengers have more protection from the weather and we want install a signalised pedestrian crossing so that people can get across the road more easily,’’ says Council Transport Planning and Delivery Manager Lynette Ellis.

“We also want to move the bus stops to the end of Norwich Street so we reduce the likelihood of people’s driveways being blocked,’’ Ms Ellis says.

To do this, the Council is exploring two potential options. The first, preferred option is to cul-de-sac Norwich Street. This will allow the bus stops to be grouped together and a more pleasant space to be created for waiting bus passengers.

This option will mean buses will no longer stop across driveways but it will stop vehicles travelling between Norwich Street and Buckleys Road.

The second option is to retain a left turn from Norwich Street onto Buckleys Road. This option splits the bus stops but enables limited access to be retained between Norwich Street and Buckleys Road.

“Depending on which option is chosen, there is an opportunity to create a pleasant space at the end of Norwich Street,’’ Ms Ellis says.

“With the cul-de-sac option there is space for some form of seating, trees, a grass bank, a drinking fountain and a paved play area. With the left-turn option there is space for some planting and a seat or a drinking fountain.’’

The Council is inviting community feedback on both options through Have Your Say.

People have until Monday 2 December to share their views on which of the two options they prefer.

The Council will consider the feedback received before it decides how to proceed.