7 Mar 2024

Investigation work will begin for three waters and transport projects throughout Bishopdale.

These works will confirm what is under the road and where to help plan the most efficient construction approach for several large infrastructure projects around Harewood Road, including:

  • A Harewood Road watermain renewal
  • New traffic lights at the Langdons Road and Greers Road intersection
  • The Wheels to Wings Papanui ki Waiwhetū major cycle route

Construction of the three infrastructure projects will not begin until later in 2024. Proceeding with the Wheels to Wings cycleway is dependent on securing funding from NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi (NZTA).

The initial investigation work will be carried out at various locations along Harewood Road between Bishopdale Park and St James Avenue and is expected to take five weeks from Monday 25 March.

Contractors will also be working at the Greers Road and Langdons Road intersection.

At different points along Harewood Road there will be intersection closures, lane drops, stop/go signals, detours, and temporary loss of on-street parking.

General Manager City Infrastructure Jane Parfitt says the Council appreciates the understanding of residents and business owners during this disruption which will benefit the community in the long term.

She says watermain replacement work is essential as the pipes under Harewood Road are nearing the end of their service life.

“The traffic signals at the intersection of Greers Road and Langdons Road will make it safer and easier to use and the Wheels to Wings cycle way will provide a safe connection through Harewood, Bishopdale and Papanui.”

Mrs Parfitt says it is common practice that detailed investigations are commissioned in advance of construction.

“It tells the Council where the underground services are, what condition they are in and what risks there might be to the construction. If the projects do not end up proceeding, the information is stored for future use.”

“We know these investigation works will cause disruption to roads, residents, and business owners in the area so again we thank everyone for their patience. We are co-ordinating our approach to minimise the disruption as much as possible.”

The map below shows the areas where road crews will be present and the traffic impact.

Zone Location Date Traffic impact
Zone 1 Bishopdale roundabout and Harewood Road 25 March to 26 April 2024 Lane drops, intersection closures and detours
Zone 2 Harewood Road 25 April to 3 May 2024 Shoulder closures and lane drops
Zone 3 The Harewood Road and Greers Road intersection 10 April to 3 May 2024 Shoulder closures and stop/go signals
Zone 4 Harewood Road 19 April to 3 May 2024 Shoulder closures and lane drops
Zone 5 Harewood Road 2 April to 23 April 2024 Shoulder closures and limited stop/go signals
Zone 6 The Greers Road and Langdons Road intersection 25 March to 12 April 2024 Reduction in lane widths, stop/go signals and shoulder closures