Transport options  |  16 Apr 2024

We’re proposing in our draft Long Term Plan (LTP) to spend $1.6 billion across the entire transport network over the next 10 years.

Of this, we propose spending $1 billion on roads, footpaths and road infrastructure renewals and replacements over the next 10 years. This covers:  

Government funding 

The Draft LTP has been developed with the best information that the Council had at the time. Since then, the Government has released a new draft Government Policy Statement for Land Transport for consultation.


This set out Government priorities for land transport investment over the next 10 years and details how funding from the National Land Transport Fund is to be spent.


If the priorities change and impact the proposed programme, the Council will consider options and consult further if appropriate. 

  • Carriageway renewals (asphalt, chipseal and pavement reconstruction) - $591 million 
  • Transport structures renewals (such as bridges, retaining walls, guardrails, etc.) - $105 million  
  • Renewals of traffic signals, signs and lights - $119 million  
  • Pages Road bridge replacement and area enhancement - $63 million 
  • Footpath and cycleway renewals - $58 million  
  • New footpaths - $20 million


We also propose spending $101 million on bus infrastructure improvements, including new bus lanes and shelters, intersection changes, and renewals over the next 10 years.   

There’s less than a week left to have your say on these and other proposals. Visit by Sunday 21 April.