Sport & recreation  |  8 Jun 2021

The recreation pool at Jellie Park Recreation and sport Centre is closing for six weeks so essential work can be carried out.

The 25 metre concrete tiled pool is scheduled to shut from Monday 14 June until Monday 26 July 2021, to allow for relining work to be completed, improving the safety of the pool.

Christchurch City Council Head of Recreation, Sports and Events Nigel Cox says the pool is showing significant wear and tear following years of use, with tiles loosening, breaking and the potential for significant cuts to customers and our staff.

“The work will improve the pool functionality, aesthetics and water tightness, through the installation of a reinforced 1.5 millimetre thick PVC membrane and perimeter tiling. The relining is necessary due to a large number of tiles failing, the cost of continuing to temporarily remediate the tiles, and to avoid injuries for staff and customers.”

Swimsmart lessons normally held in the recreation pool Monday to Friday will be offered at their usual time, but will instead take place in the sports pool, with the exception of Sharks lessons which will be moved to the teach pool.

Lessons normally held in the recreation pool on Saturdays will be transferred to Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre for the closure period.

Mr Cox thanked the public for their patience while the work is carried out.

“We are aware that this work disrupts people’s routines but the safety benefits will make the pool much better for users, and save money in the long term by avoiding the need for reactive tile repairs.”

The Council has a regular maintenance schedule for its recreation facilities across the city, with the pools at Pioneer reopening on Queen’s Birthday weekend after a six-month maintenance closure.

“It is important to give these well-used facilities the repairs they require to keep them running efficiently and safely for customers and staff to enjoy,” Mr Cox says.

During the Jellie Park closure the community is encouraged to use the recreational pools at Taiora QEII, Pioneer or Graham Condon.