Sport & recreation  |  29 Sep 2022

The Graham Condon Fitness Centre has been upgraded and reconfigured so that it can offer a new type of high intensity group training class that will blast calories and boost fitness.

When its doors re-open to the public on Monday 3 October, the Graham Condon Fitness Centre will be delivering Revl Everest classes that offer functional full body conditioning through energising and varied daily workouts.

Up to 24 people will be able to participate in the 30-minute group training classes that are taking the fitness world by storm.

“Everest delivers a range of full-body strength and cardio workouts that will have you alternating between three types of cardio equipment and floor-based moves. It is exciting because there is a huge amount of variety packed into each class,’’ says fitness manager Matt Howard.

“Over the past two weeks we have been learning the new programme and we are excited to deliver something that is a bit different to what is currently on offer across the Council’s fitness centre network.

“Revl Everest is really suited to all fitness levels. You can go at your own pace and choose the weights for the workout. All activities offer low impact and lower intensity options so you can get the most out of your workout,’’ Mr Howard says.

If the Revl Everest classes prove popular, Christchurch City Council may introduce them at its other fitness centres.

The Graham Condon Fitness Centre’s Revl Everest classes will replace the HIIT Zone, Burn Zone, Core Zone, Pump, and Stretch and Release classes that were being held in the stadium at Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre. Members who wish to continue with those classes will be able to go to classes at other Council-run rec and sport centres as part of their membership.

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