Rubbish & recycling  |  13 Feb 2023

The public open day at Christchurch’s recycling facility is returning for the first time since 2020.

The Parkhouse Road facility in Sockburn, which is normally closed to the public, will open its doors on Saturday 18 February from 9am to 1pm.

The open day offers an opportunity for residents to view the EcoSort’s recent $16.8m facility upgrade, get up close to a recycling truck, and learn about what happens to their recycling once it’s collected. There will also be prizes to win throughout the event.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to learn more about what happens to the clean cardboard, paper, metal cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles and containers they put out for recycling and to understand how the recycling process works,’’ Christchurch City Council Resource Recovery Manager Ross Trotter says.

“The EcoSort can process up to 25 tonnes of yellow bin contents an hour. That’s the equivalent of about 2750 full bins.”

Mr Trotter says the open day is an opportunity to remind residents about the importance of putting the right items in their yellow bins.

“Our local and overseas markets, who buy our recycling product, have very high standards. We need clean, high-quality recyclable material to on-sell to these markets.

“We’ve all got a part to play in allowing Christchurch to recycle. By putting the right quality items in your yellow bin collection, you are helping us collect a good standard of material that can be successfully on-sold.”

Christchurch City Council co-hosts the open day with EcoCentral who operate the facility, as well as the EcoShop on Blenheim Road and the 3 EcoDrops where the recycling centres can be found

Entry to the open day is free with parking available on Michelle Rd. Limited on-site parking is available for mobility permit holders.

If you can’t make it to the open day, learn what items can go into your yellow bin at or use the Christchurch City Council wheelie bins app.