Road safety  |  15 Apr 2020

Christchurch residents are being reminded the road rules still apply even though traffic volumes in the city have dropped significantly since the lockdown began three weeks ago.

With all but essential travel prohibited during the Level 4 lockdown, traffic volumes in Christchurch have dropped by about 75 per cent compared with this time last year.

However, there is concern that some road users are not paying as close attention to the road rules as they should be.

“Having less vehicles on the roads does not give people a license to speed or to drive through red lights. We maybe in lockdown but the road rules still apply,’’ says CTOC Manager Simon Harty.

“We don’t want to see any additional pressure placed on our health services from road accidents caused by people flouting the road rules and taking unnecessary risks.’’

Mr Harty says it is also important that people out walking or cycling during the lockdown remain attentive to their environment.

“Pedestrians and cyclists need to keep an eye out for cars and take the usual precautions to ensure they stay safe.’’

“This will remain important as we transition into lower alert levels and traffic volumes start to increase again.”