15 Feb 2024

With Christchurch City Council’s draft budget for the next 10 years on the home stretch, councillors are making their final amendments to what’s included.

Councillors met yesterday to debate and vote for the 132 amendments that were on the table, as development of the Long Term Plan 2024–2034 (LTP) continues.  

At this stage, the amendments have brought the overall provisional rates increase to 14% in the first year of the LTP, down from the 15.84% it had been sitting at. 

The discussions will resume on Wednesday 21 February, where councillors will look at key issues we want to consult the community about. 

The final proposed figure will be adopted on Monday 11 March, and the Draft LTP will go out for public feedback from Wednesday 13 March to Wednesday 17 April 2024. 

Read more here: (https://letstalk.ccc.govt.nz/whatmattersmost)