15 May 2018

A meeting is being held tonight to discuss ways of protecting the safety of people using the recreation areas next to the bulk liquid storage tanks at Naval Point in Lyttelton.

The Lyttelton tank farm and neighbouring recreation area.

The Lyttelton tank farm and neighbouring recreation area.

The tanks store petroleum products for supply to outlets and businesses throughout Canterbury and the South Island.

A Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) in 2016 looked at the dangers posed by the tanks and provided some suggestions for how the low level risk could be managed.

Christchurch City Council has organised tonight’s meeting with stakeholders and Naval Point user groups to update them on the QRA and to discuss a proposed traffic management plan for the area.

The traffic management plan focuses on the provision of parking around the recreation areas and how it be managed to minimise any risk to the public.

Tonight’s meeting, which is being held at the Lyttelton Community Board Rooms, 25 Canterbury Street at 7pm, is designed to get initial feedback on the traffic management plan. The meeting will not include an update on the Naval Point Development Plan as that project is being dealt with separately.