29 Aug 2023

Work to remove Lyttelton’s Magazine Bay Marina begins in September.

“The structure has been deteriorating for some time and is beginning to present safety and environmental risks,” says Christchurch City Council’s Head of Parks Andrew Rutledge.

The removal of Magazine Bay Marina was approved by the Council in January 2021, as part of the wider Naval Point – Te Nukutai o Tapoa Development Plan.

“We’ve been working with berth holders over the last few years as they have found alternative arrangements for their boats,” says Mr Rutledge.

Lyttelton Port Company built a new marina – Te Ana – in Lyttelton’s inner harbour in 2018, which is available for public use and offers a sheltered position from weather events and coastal conditions.

Christchurch City Council has appointed contractors Fulton Hogan to carry out the Magazine Bay Marina demolition work, which is expected to be completed before the end of the year. The majority of the $631,000 project will be financed through the Government’s Better Off funding package.

“A small section of the marina will remain in place, but the majority of the structure, including the jumping jetty will be removed because of its poor condition,” says Mr Rutledge.

“We are looking at options to replace the jumping jetty.”

The Council says removing the marina will also help control Mediterranean fanworm, an invasive species that has been increasing in numbers in the inner-harbour.

“This step will help further our commitment to the Whaka-Ora Healthy Harbour partnership with Ngāti Wheke, Lyttelton Port Company and Environment Canterbury,” says Mr Rutledge.

Magazine Bay Marina is adjacent to Naval Point – Te Nukutai o Tapoa, which has been undergoing a redevelopment over the last few years.

“Clearing the marina is another positive step forward in the development of Naval Point. We are   working on plans to improve access to the sea. We’re also upgrading the sports grounds and developing new shared facilities for sport and recreation groups,” says Mr Rutledge.

Christchurch City Council took over ownership of the marina, which had been badly damaged by a storm in October 2000, following its amalgamation with Banks Peninsula District Council.

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