9 Jul 2024

The transformation of the entire length of Christchurch’s iconic High Street is complete.

Christchurch City Council Head of Transport Lynette Ellis says finishing the three stages of the High Street Upgrade – from Hereford Street to St Asaph Street – is a milestone in the recovery of the Central City.

“While the revitalisation of the streetscape adds greatly to the character and culture of the area, this project was also about repairing damaged underground services and roading infrastructure, which was essential work,” says Ms Ellis.

The final section to be upgraded was Tuam Street to St Asaph Street, which now features a large Aramoana paving design across the street and a northbound cycle lane connecting cyclists from the Heathcote Expressway to the city.

The paving design mirrors earlier sections of High Street from Cashel to Tuam Street, where Ngāi Tūāhuiri and Ngāi Tahu values and concepts are woven into the streetscape.

“This southernmost block is now one-way, with the left-turn exit onto Madras Street maintained and a new right-turn exit onto St Asaph Street, making it easier for people to get around and access parking,” Ms Ellis says.

“Wider footpaths and a 10km/h speed limit will also create a more pedestrian-friendly space, helping to cater for increased foot traffic we’re expecting through the area when Te Kaha opens in 2026.”

Some of the Upright English Oak trees lining the street outside the Ara City Campus were in poor condition and have been replaced. A larger rooting space was created to ensure the ongoing health of the new trees. Native Lancewoods are being planted outside the Duncan Building to enhance the heritage façade.

Earlier High Street upgrades included an extension of the tramway, looping around the block bounded on two sides by Lichfield Street and Poplar Street, then back up High Street.

“We’re grateful to the businesses and local residents for their patience through this time of disruption, and we look forward to seeing the street bustling again with people able to fully enjoy all its offerings,” Ms Ellis says.