15 May 2018

The latest residents’ survey gives Christchurch City Council a mixed report card.

Visitors to the city enjoy the Botanic Gardens.


  • Botanic Gardens: The Gardens are maintained to a wonderful standard.
  • Roads: Don’t be digging the same stretch of road up several times, fix it properly the first time.
  • Kerbside collection: It’s just exactly the way it should be. 
  • Riverbanks: Keep the river edges looking nice and not overgrown.
  • Community events: They are good occasions for people to get together.
  • Parking: The parking needs to be cheaper and easier to use.
  • Stormwater drainage: On wet days come around and clear the blocks from the street corner sumps and gutters.
  • Libraries: They have everything you could possibly want to read there … and they’re welcoming and they’re free.

Through the year, the Council asks residents about their level of satisfaction with the various activities and services it provides across the city.

“This year’s  survey shows that while 80 per cent of resident surveyed are satisfied or neutral about the Council’s overall performance, we still have work to do to improve peoples’ perceptions and win back their confidence,’’ says Council Chief Executive Dr Karleen Edwards.

“What is clear from the survey results is that people want us to get the basics right and that seven years on from the earthquakes they are frustrated by the ongoing roadworks, delays and disruptions.

“A big focus of our draft Long Term Plan is completing the repair and rebuild of infrastructure damaged by the quakes.

"Over the next 10 years we are proposing to spend $4.18 billion on improving the condition of our roads, footpaths, storm water network, and other core infrastructure to bring it up to the standard our residents expect,’’ says Dr Edwards.

The survey shows people think highly of the kerbside collection service, the Botanic Gardens, libraries, and community events.

Most say the Council as a whole is easy to interact with, but they want it to get better at listening to what residents want and to make it easier for people to have a say.

“The survey indicates fewer residents are satisfied with their ability to participate in and contribute to decision-making.

“We want to make it easier for people to get informed and involved. We are working on improving our online services to give clearer, helpful information, to lose the jargon, to simplify processes, and to communicate clearly why decisions have been made,’’ says Dr Edwards.

“More than 6800 people took part in the survey and it is timely feedback we are listening to as we begin finalising the draft Long Term Plan – our budget for the next 10 years. It is one of several  measures that will help the Mayor and Councillors decide  if we have our priorities right.’’