Getting around  |  24 Jun 2019

An extra 100 electric scooters are now available to rent in Christchurch as Beam joins Lime in offering e-scooters for hire.

 Singapore-based Beam has been given a permit by Christchurch City Council to operate up to 300 scooters in the city on a trial basis until the end of February 2020.

Today it launched its first 100 scooters. It will roll out more of its scooters in the coming days. Beam will be providing helmets with each scooter.

Beam scooters are powering along city streets.

Councillors Mike Davidson and Pauline Cotter try out the new e-scooters.

“Beam’s arrival into the Christchurch market means we are going to have 1300 electric scooters available to hire in the city,’’ says Council Transport Operations Manager Steffan Thomas.

“E-scooters are a great alternative form of transport for people but it is really important that people use them safely and are considerate of other road and footpath users.’’

The NZ Transport Agency is currently running a marketing campaign that aims to encourage the safe and considerate use of e-scooters so that everyone using footpaths and shared paths can feel safe.

For e-scooter users the key messages of the campaign are:

  • They must give way to pedestrians and other footpath users.
  • They must not ride at a speed that is a hazard to themselves or others.

The campaign also recommends that riders of e-scooters wear a helmet at all times.