Better streets & spaces  |  15 Apr 2021

A development plan to ‘green the east’ and enhance and increase outdoor space has been recently approved by the Waikura/Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board.

Green corridors, more trees and walkways, spaces that encourage biodiversity, nature play areas, pocket parks, and interweaving cultural history are all part of the integrated plan to boost the natural habitat to support ecological health and community well-being in the city’s inner east.

Several greenspace projects are under way, with more improvements planned as funding becomes available under the Long Term Plan.

The Chairperson of the Working Group, Board member Michelle Lomax, says that the “importance of the natural environment to our health and well-being can never be underestimated”.

“While we live in the city, it’s vital that we improve our ‘breathing space’ and everyday living by enhancing and expanding our green space,” she says.

“Greater green infrastructure in our local neighbourhoods is core to this plan. The development of our inner east is centred on evolving natural habitats, supported by ‘greening’ practices. Every sustainable step and biodiversity-focused green social space builds a stronger community.”

Board member and Christchurch City Councillor for the Central ward, Jake McLellan, says that the Greening the East Plan is among several community-focused improvements in the Board area, including streetscape improvements in Stanmore Road.

“We are investing in our area to benefit our wider community and ensure that residents have access to great services and facilities,” he says.