Things to do  |  1 Dec 2020

More than 60,000 people have poured into New Brighton’s beachside hot pools complex, He Puna Taimoana, in the first six months.

He Puna Taimoana Manager Merryn Skipper says it has been “great to see this long-awaited community facility being so well-supported”.

“Our visitors are enjoying relaxation on repeat and rediscovering New Brighton,” Ms Skipper says.

“Amazingly, we are very close to our 75,000 annual visitor numbers goal despite the COVID-19 pandemic keeping international tourists away.

“Seventy-eight per cent of our ticket sales are from the wider Christchurch area, with a further 13 per cent living in New Brighton,” she says.

Five per cent are from around the South Island, while 3 per cent are from the North Island and 1 per cent of pool users are international visitors.

“An overall online review rating of 4.9 out of 5 – making us the highest-rated hot pools in New Zealand – is a great reflection our popularity,” Ms Skipper says.

“Sessions are extremely popular, particularly at the weekends and in the evenings. We recommend online bookings to secure a spot.

“The number of people for each session is limited so we are able to ensure a relaxing experience with seaside views. The pools are vibrant but not overcrowded.

“I highly recommend giving a gift voucher to He Puna Taimoana for anyone who has not experienced our hot salt water pools,” she says.

The pools are open from 10am to 7.30pm every day, with five pools ranging from 28 to 39 degrees.

Pool users can also visit the on-site cafe and sauna or brave the plunge pool after a saltwater soak.

Discount admission is available to Christchurch residents, with visits booked online.