4 Nov 2022

A newly-formed group and board will add its voice to the redevelopment of Naval Point-Te Nukutai o Tapoa.

The board, made up of eight members (two of which are representatives of Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke), represents Whakaraupo Recreation Inc (WRI).

WRI has been set-up to support its clubs and members with sea-based aquatic and community-based sport, recreation, safety, and education at Naval Point.

“Naval Point has long been a popular Recreation and Sport location in Ōtautahi and there’s a unique opportunity for sports clubs to run efficiently together,’’ says WRI board member Ben Keys.

“Currently, WRI has members across 18 different sports clubs. They have very similar requirements in terms of shared facilities, storage and space. We believe, with the redevelopment of Naval Point, there’s a unique opportunity for sports clubs – water and land-based – to run efficiently together and create a truly unique sports facility.

“We’re excited to work collaboratively with the Council and its other stakeholders to explore the potential of any new facilities,’’ Mr Keys says.

Christchurch City Council is welcoming the newly-formed Whakaraupo Recreation Inc group and is looking forward to supporting all the users of Naval Point-Te Nukutai o Tapoa.

“It’s really encouraging to see people wanting to be part of the Naval Point redevelopment,’’ says Head of Parks Andrew Rutledge.

“This comes at an important point in the redevelopment, with the proposal of a multi-use facility concept to anchor the area. We’re partnering with Te Hapū o Ngāti Wheke and we’re very keen to hear from all groups who want to collaborate with us on this exciting redevelopment,” Mr Rutledge says.     

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