Council updates  |  16 Oct 2019

Our revamped news website, Newsline, now makes it easier for you to find the stories and information you need to stay connected with what is happening in Christchurch.

Developed in-house, the new-look website is designed to reflect the extensive nature of the work Christchurch City Council is involved in across the city and Banks Peninsula.

Newsline stories are now grouped in sections so that you can easily find out about community matters, city life, planning and building, the environment, and arts and heritage.

A new In Pictures section, featuring photos and videos of people, places and events, is coming soon and will showcase the diversity of our district.  Some other improvements to the way the site functions will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

“Newsline has become a very important communications channel for Christchurch City Council and we wanted to make it more user-friendly,’’ says Council Head of Public Information & Participation Diane Keenan.

“It is now very easy for people to navigate their way around the site and to find the news they’re interested in.

“The Council is involved in so many aspects of Christchurch life and the stories, pictures and videos that we feature on Newsline reflect the extent of our work and our partnerships with our communities,’’ Mrs Keenan says.

“We are proud of the work we are doing in Christchurch and we want to share our stories with our residents.

“If you want to learn about what projects we have under way in Christchurch, what events are on, what decisions are being made, and how you can get involved, then Newsline should be one of your go-to websites.

“In an emergency, it is one of the Council’s main channels for communicating with residents so I would encourage everyone to check the site out,’’ Mrs Keenan says.

Redeveloping the Newsline website has cost the Council $14,400. That money went on obtaining technical advice from external consultants on how to improve the design and functionality of the Newsline site so it is easier for people to find information online.

Check out new-look Newsline.