Rubbish & recycling  |  29 Jul 2020

Keep an eye on your letterbox for a handy new guide that will help you with your recycling efforts.

The guide is packed with useful information about what items belong in the yellow recycling bin and is aimed at making it easy for people to recycle correctly.

It is being delivered to every household in Christchurch over the next few days.

“Later this month recycling bin stickers will also be available at Council libraries and service centres. The free stickers are designed to go on the inside of your yellow bin lid. When you put an item out for recycling, you can double-check against the sticker that the item belongs in the bin,’’ says Council Solid Waste Manager Ross Trotter.

Only the following items belong in the yellow wheelie bin:

* Clean, flattened cardboard and egg cartons
* Clean aluminium cans
* Clear and coloured glass bottles, jars (clean, with lids put in the red bin)
* Metal tins (clean and loose, with lids put in the red bin)
* Plastic containers and bottles numbered 1,2 and 5 (clean and loose, with lids put in the red bin)
* Aerosol cans
* Paper and magazines (no smaller than a standard envelope)

“The Wheelie Bins app is another way people can learn about what can be recycled. The app is a great tool to have on your smart phone because it allows you to check which bin you should be using for different items of rubbish and it also sends reminders when your bins need to go out for collection,’’ Mr Trotter says.