Getting around  |  3 Mar 2020

People heading into Christchurch’s city centre can now see real-time information about the best places to park.

New electronic signs displaying real-time information about how many spaces are available in each of the city centre’s five multi-storey parking buildings were installed over the weekend.

The signs are on Barbadoes Street, Madras Street, Durham Street North and Tuam Street – the one way streets that Christchurch City Council recommends people use to get to the parking buildings.

“As well as the blue parking signs pointing people in the direction of the nearest parking building, people travelling on these streets will now also be able to see exactly how many spaces are available in the parking buildings closest to them,’’ says Council Transport Operations Manager Steffan Thomas.

“The city centre is becoming increasingly busy, which means there is growing demand for off-street parking spaces. These new electronic signs should help make it easier for people to work out the best places to park,’’ Mr Thomas says.

Real-time parking building information is also available on the Council's website.