Sport & recreation, Things to do  |  17 Dec 2019

A new water toy that’s been installed at Pioneer Recreation and Sports Centre’s leisure pool is proving popular with the community.

The toy, which has replaced a slide that was removed earlier this year due to safety reasons, is a cylinder shape – standing 1.68cm high and shooting water up into the air like a fountain or sprinkler.

Centres Operations Manager Ben Rzoska says facility users have embraced the fountain.

“It’s a great replacement for the slide, which needed to be removed because of stagnant water that was pooling under it. Kids are back in the leisure pool, splashing about and having fun under the water spray.

“We want to say a big thanks to the community for their patience while the installation was carried out.”

Pioneer closed for a week in early December to allow for the toy to be installed. During the closure period the pool was drained, tiles replaced and the toy installed. Time was need for the grout to dry and the pool to be re-filled and heated.

The community were encouraged to use Council’s other facilities, including its outdoor pools which are open for summer until 29 March 2020.