Council updates  |  8 Sep 2022

Catch-up on some of the decisions made at today's Christchurch City Council meeting.

 Alcohol ban

The Council has agreed to investigate establishing an alcohol ban in Woolston Village and surrounding streets under its Alcohol Restrictions in Public Places Bylaw 2018.

The Waikura Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board recommended the move after hearing community concerns about the negative impacts that public drinking were having on the amenity and safety of Woolston Village. The Board was presented with a 173-signature petition calling on the Council to implement an alcohol ban.

Smart Christchurch

The Council has adopted a new Smart Christchurch Strategy. The Strategy reflects the lessons learned over the past six years of the Smart Christchurch programme and sets the direction for the next three years. It focuses on how the Council will use new technology and innovative trials to make Christchurch a smarter, safer place to live, work and play.

Ngā Papatipu Rūnanga relationship

The Council has recommitted to its relationship with Ngā Papatipu Rūnanga. It will formally apologise to the rūnanga for its failure to consult with them before deciding to join the water reform campaign group Communities 4 Local Democracy.  The Council will also withdraw from the campaign group.

Plan change notification

The Council has listened to public deputations and a staff presentation on whether it should notify the proposed Housing and Business Choice Plan Change but it has yet to start debating the issue. It will do this when it reconvenes the meeting at 8am on Tuesday 13 September.