17 Jul 2023

Work to upgrade the next section of Whiti-reia Cathedral Square is underway.

Contractors have begun working in the area of the Square by the Old Government Building, the Distinction Hotel and Spark building.

They will level the ground, re-lay paving, install additional lighting and street furniture, and introduce landscaping including rain gardens to make the area more inviting.

Work to upgrade Cathedral Square

“Whiti-reia Cathedral Square has a long and important history. It’s one of our most treasured public spaces and we want to make it a more enjoyable place for people to spend time,” says Darren Moses, Acting Head of Vertical Capital Delivery.

“With the Citizens’ War Memorial reinstated and work on the Christ Church Cathedral well underway, the Square is coming to life.

“There is also a whole host of private development happening in the surrounding buildings. We’re committed to supporting this by upgrading the area so it’s safer and more pleasant.

“We have already completed landscaping and paving work in some other parts of the Square, including in front of the old Post Office building. Now, our contractors are focusing on area by the Old Government Building, the Distinction Christchurch Hotel and Spark building.

“We’ve timed this work to be complete before the busy spring and summer period, and continue to work closely with neighbouring businesses to ensure they can operate throughout construction,’’ Mr Moses says.

As part of the Cathedral Square work, the security camera network in the area is being upgraded.