Local body elections  |  12 Jul 2021

Preparations are under way for a by-election in the Coastal ward after the resignation of Christchurch City Councillor James Daniels.

“Cr Daniels’ decision to resign from the Council means that we need to elect a new representative for the Coastal ward,’’ says Christchurch City Council Electoral Officer Jo Daly.

“We will be holding a by-election in October for eligible voters in that ward so they can choose a new Councillor to represent them at the Council table.’’

The by-election will be conducted by postal vote, with voting closing at midday on Friday 8 October.

Candidate nominations will open on Thursday 15 July and will close at midday on Thursday 12 August.

“If you’re interested in local government and want to represent your community around the Council table, then I encourage you to look into what the position involves and consider putting yourself forward as a candidate for the Coastal ward seat,’’ Ms Daly says.

“Being a Councillor will allow you to advocate on the issues that matter to the communities in the Coastal ward and will enable you to have a say in the city’s decision-making. It is a great opportunity to get involved in city affairs and to take on a leadership role.’’

Candidates need to be New Zealand citizens and enrolled on the Parliamentary electoral roll, however, they do not necessarily need to live in the Coastal ward.

“Candidates can live outside the ward, but they need to be nominated for the position by two people who are enrolled electors within the Coastal ward,’’ Ms Daly says.

Nomination forms and further information will be available online at ccc.govt.nz/elections from Thursday.

“Anyone in the Coastal ward who is over the age of 18 can vote in the by-election, but they will need to make sure they are on the electoral roll by 4pm on 12 August,’’ Ms Daly says.

Voting papers will be mailed out to enrolled voters from Thursday 16 September.

The by-election is anticipated to cost between $65,000 and $70,000.