12 Mar 2021

We have a responsibility to ensure our drinking water supply, infrastructure and water taonga are managed in a way that supports the environmental, social, cultural and economic wellbeing of current and future generations.

We’re investing in upgrading the city’s drinking water supply network, including upgrading well heads, drilling new and deeper wells, upgrading reservoirs, replacing older pipes, and installing new ‘smart’ monitoring systems and flow meters.

Safe drinking water, without residual chlorine, is a major priority for the Council, and for the people of Christchurch. We’ve resolved that, long term, we want to retain the city's untreated water supply system and will seek an exemption from the Government proposal in the Water Services Bill to require residual chlorine treatment.

Much of our water supply pipe network was built during previous building booms. It is ageing and around 14 per cent of pipes are in very poor condition and are expected to fail in the next one to two years. A concerted effort is therefore needed to replace large parts our water supply pipe network to stop it deteriorating further.

In the next 30 years we need to keep protecting our drinking water supply by upgrading and renewing infrastructure and extending the network to supply water to new developments. We propose spending $836 million over the next 10 years, including:

  • Water Safety Plan Improvement Programme Asset renewals and replacements.
  • Water supply rezoning – this will allow for water pressure to be managed more effectively across the whole city.