2 Jun 2022

Metal tags to last your dog’s lifetime will be rolled out as part of this year’s dog registration renewal period.

Christchurch City Council’s new rectangular dog tags will have a unique identification number on them and will replace the plastic, coloured discs which were thrown out and replaced every year.

“There are more than 40,000 dogs registered in Christchurch so the new metal tags are the sustainable, future-proofed option with at least 40,000 plastic tags not going into the red bin every year,” Animal Services Manager Lionel Bridger says.

“At the moment people have to pay their registration and then wait for their new tags to arrive in the mail so having lifelong tags will speed up the registration process.”

The new system will mean the only thing dog owners need to do will be to pay their registration each year.

The new dog tags will also have a QR code on them, generated by a company called Tag King. For $20, owners can use the QR code to store their contact information. Then if their dog goes missing, anyone who finds the dog will be able to scan the QR code and find out who the owners are so they can be reunited.

“We want to stress, this is an optional service and you have to opt into it, and is completely separate from your registration fees with us,” Mr Bridger says.

Reminder letters for this year’s dog registration are being sent out now. 

“So it’s a timely reminder that the period to pay your annual dog registration fees is coming up,” Mr Bridger says.

If you have Responsible Dog Owner status, you have until 30 June 2022 to pay at the discounted rate. If you're paying the standard registration fee you have until 31 July 2022.

From Saturday 4 June, you can pay online, over the phone using a credit card by calling 03 941 8999, or in person at one of our Service Centres.

Dog registration fees pay for a wide range of dog control services, including dog bite prevention programmes, complaints investigation and resolution, care and welfare of impounded dogs, and free dog microchipping.