Sport & recreation  |  24 Apr 2019

A new ticketing system for the carpark at Taiora QEII Recreation and Sport Centre will not mean any extra charges for pool or gym users.

People on the hydroslide.

People enjoying the facilities at Taiora QEII can still park for free.

The new ticketing system for the carpark comes into effect on Monday, 29 April and is aimed at ensuring there are parking spaces available for people using the sport and recreational facilities at Taiora QEII.

“With Shirley Boys' High School and Avonside Girls' High School moving into their new school campuses next to Taiora QEII at the start of the school term, there is going to be increased demand for parking in the area ,’’ says Christchurch City Council Head of Recreation, Sports & Events Nigel Cox.

“The new ticketing system is aimed at discouraging people who are not visiting Taiora QEII from using the centre’s carpark. Pool and gym users will  be able to park in the carpark for free but others using the carpark will be charged a fee of $10 an hour.’’

Pool and gym users who park in the carpark will collect a ticket from the ticket machine at the entrance gate to the carpark. They will need to take the parking ticket with them and get it validated at one of the ticketing machines inside Taiora QEII in order to qualify for the free parking.

“The new ticketing system is designed to ensure there is always a place for people using our facilities to park,’’ Mr Cox says.

People with questions about the new ticketing system should talk to a staff member at Taiora QEII or email