Dogs  |  18 Jun 2019

Take the early lead and register your dog with the Christchurch City Council.

An early payment for your pooch can mean cheaper fees for you.

However, those with responsible dog owner status must pay by 30 June to benefit from the lower fee.

Nearly 10,000 owners have registered their dogs so far this year but that still falls well short of the city’s total canine population.

Council Animal Management Team Leader Mark Vincent points out that registration fees benefit everyone – from dog owners and pets to members of the public.

“We have about 38,500 registered dogs in the city, and these fees help keep dogs safe and support their care while also aiding community safety,” Mr Vincent says.

“Your dog registration fee helps us create and maintain dog parks, provide a free micro-chip service, investigate dog complaints and deliver dog safety education programmes in schools.”

About half of the city’s dog owners hold “responsible owner status”, entitling them to the reduced annual registration fee.

“Those owners have a responsible record, regularly pay their fees and comply with all legal requirements,” he says.

The annual dog registration deadline for the general fee is 31 July. You can also pay online.