Water  |  22 Mar 2024

Providing clean drinking water, developing and maintaining our stormwater and flood protection networks, and improving wastewater treatment facilities will be prioritised with $2.74 billion of funding over the next 10 years.

Drinking water supply 

Ensuring everyone has access to safe drinking water is essential for the health and wellbeing of the community.  In the next 30 years we need to keep protecting our drinking water supply by upgrading and renewing infrastructure and extending the network to supply water to new developments. We propose spending $873 million over the coming 10 years, including: 

  • Reticulation renewal programme - $493 million 
  • New and upgraded pump stations programme - $182 million 
  • New chlorination equipment and controls - $51 million 

Stormwater and flood protection  

We’ll also be maintaining and improving our stormwater and drainage networks, such as open drains, pipes, pump stations, stopbanks and detention basins. Having good systems in place is vital to protect infrastructure, property and the natural environment, including waterway ecosystems.  We propose spending $912 million on infrastructure over the next 10 years, including:

  • Flood and stormwater work in the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor - $137 million 
  • Waterway lining renewal programme - $90 million 
  • Ōtākaro Avon  River waterway detention and treatment facilities - $42 million
  • Reticulation renewal programme - $42 million
  • Pūharakekenui/Styx waterway detention and treatment facilities programme - $106 million 
  • Improving water quality in urban waterways - $21 million
  • Establishing a programme to resolve regular surface flooding - $183 million (starting in 2027)

Flood and stormwater manageent in the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor has been allocated $137 million in the 10-year plan.


A healthy city needs a well-functioning wastewater network, and it’s our job to treat and safely discharge wastewater. We propose spending $964 million over 10 years on wastewater infrastructure, including: 

  • Reticulation renewal programme - $346 million 
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant renewals and replacements - $181 million 
  • Akaroa reclaimed water treatment and reuse - $94 million 
  • Selwyn pump station and pressure main - $52 million 
  • Grassmere wet weather storage - $31 million 
  • Duvauchelle wastewater treatment and disposal upgrade - $18 million 

We’re asking for feedback on these proposals. Visit ccc.govt.nz/longtermplan to have your say.