14 Dec 2016

Construction will start next year on cycleways connecting Halswell to the central city and Belfast to Riccarton.

A Council committee today finalised the plans for the Quarryman’s Trail and Northern Line cycleways, which are two of the 13 Major Cycle Routes that will be built in Christchurch over the next seven years.

Construction is already under way on Papanui Parallel, Uni-Cycle and Little River Link cycleways.

“It’s great to be able to approve Quarryman’s Trail and Northern Line to the detailed design and construction phase. These cycleways will connect suburbs and provide people with a safe, convenient and enjoyable cycling experience,'' said Major Cycleway Routes Committee Chair Andrew Turner.

Today’s decision follows community feedback on the routes with more than 600 submissions received across the two projects. A number of changes have been made to the design of the two routes as a result of the feedback.

The main change to the Northern Line is the alternative route will no longer be required as the Council has been able to confirm with Kiwirail the use of the rail corridor.

Changes to Quarryman’s Trail include:

  • An Extension of the cyclepath further south to the main entrance of Te Hapua: Halswell Centre.
  • Four additional carparks in various locations on the route.
  • Improved connectivity into Bradford Park.
  • An improved crossing facility at Dominion Ave.

The Major Cycle Routes programme will develop a network of routes linking shopping centres, businesses, schools, parks and popular destinations across Christchurch.