Transport options  |  22 Jul 2019

Christchurch City Council’s Infrastructure, Transport and Environment Committee has approved plans for the South Express cycleway that will link Templeton with Christchurch’s city centre.

A render showing the Main South Road section of the South Express.

A render showing the Main South Road section of the South Express cycleway.

The route is part of the Council’s network of 13 major cycleways.

The finalised design incorporates more than 75 changes to the original design which the Council consulted on earlier this year.

“During the consultation period we got some really useful, constructive feedback from communities along the proposed route. As a result of their comments, we have made a significant number of changes to aspects of the cycleway design,’’ says Committee Chair Councillor Pauline Cotter.

“We have made some minor adjustments to the route, provided more car parking in some places, provided for a connection to Selwyn District Council’s planned shared path, and introduced a slow speed zone along Matipo Street in response to feedback.

“One of the advantages of this route is that it connects cyclists to nine schools as well as a number of community facilities on the way.”

The Council plans to build the South Express in stages, starting next year.

“As people become more and more aware of the impacts of climate change, they are looking at how they can reduce their own carbon footprint and going by bike, rather than by car, is one way they can do that.

“A cycle count completed earlier this year showed that in the past 12 months the number of people riding bikes has increased by 34 per cent. That shows that the cycle infrastructure we are building is working.

“In order to make cycling a viable, attractive transport option for people, we are providing a comprehensive cycleway network across the city. The South Express is an important component in that network,’’ Cr Cotter says.