15 Dec 2023

A rolling series of plans to plant more trees throughout Christchurch and Banks Peninsula have been released.

The work is part of the Ōtautahi Christchurch Urban Forest Plan which aims to increase the canopy cover across the city including an ambitious target of 40%  across our 1,200 parks over the next 50 years.

“We’re committed to boosting Christchurch’s tree canopy and these tree planting plans are just one way we are working to achieve this,” Acting Head of Parks Al Hardy said.

The next 15 plans across Christchurch are being released with parks in Addington,  Cashmere, Papanui, Halswell, Aidanfield, Templeton, Riccarton, Hornby, Burnside, Bishopdale and Aranui.

See the full list of plans and provide feedback at Kōrero Mai | Let’s Talk.

“This tranche of plans is the second in a programme that will run over the next twenty years. We’re aiming build up to 60 plans approved per planting season so we can get on and get the plants in the ground,” Mr Hardy said.

“The website will act as a master page and be updated as we develop the plans for each unique park. You can also see the principals behind how we design the plans.”

The plans account for trees at their full mature size and use a model to manage the potential for shading on people’s homes or sports fields during winter.

“All of the plants we use are carefully selected for the area they’re being planted in. We’re using a mix of 40 to 60 per cent native plants and follow the guidelines ‘right location, right plant and right function’ to avoid any potential problem,” Mr Hardy said.

“Special character parks will continue with their established themes, trees will be positioned to allow for debris management and suited for the local conditions.”

“We will be using the feedback from the consultation to select plant species based on what people want to see in their park.  We are also incorporating Native forest patches that will be spaced at strategic locations across city to help our bush birds return and connect us with nature.”

Once the parks have been approved, tree planting will begin in the 2024 tree planting season which runs from the beginning of April to the end of August.