Parks and playgrounds  |  3 Mar 2022

Little River residents can look forward to a brand new playground as work has begun to upgrade the play space at Heritage Park Little River to give it a fresh new look.

Playground equipment for Heritage Park Little River has reached the end of its life and is going to be replaced with a new modern, fit for purpose play space.

New equipment will include an activity tower with a double wave slide, tube slide and play panels, a space shuttle spinner, a swing set, viking snake swing; rainbow samba drums; stepping posts, nature play features and a new picnic table and seat.

The project has been developed by the Christchurch City Council in partnership with the Little River Waiwera Community Trust.

Trust Secretary and project co-ordinator Fiona McLean says it’s something the community has wanted since 2016 and now it’s come to fruition they’re “absolutely wrapped.” She says it will be a place where all age groups can play.

“We had more than 200 people at a community breakfast in November 2019 and we asked the parents and children there what play equipment they most wanted.

“They said bigger slides, swings, games they could touch like noughts and crosses and drums, something they could hit. We’ve got all of those things and I’d have to say the viking swing would be a favourite!

“The children said they didn’t want lots of bright plastic they wanted it natural and what they’ve chosen does really fit in with the environment, plus the trust has planted natives beside the playground. It’s been a long time coming and everyone is just so happy,” Mrs McLean says.

Christchurch City Council Head of Parks Andrew Rutledge says the new play equipment will not only bring a new sense of fun to families, it will also ensure a better and safer playground experience for all users.

“The existing playground equipment is quite small and does not have a lot of variety, so we are excited to be bringing more options to the Little River community, as well as those visiting the area.

“The new equipment will be much better suited for a wide range of ages and abilities and will revitalise the area into a fun destination for families. All current equipment will be removed and replaced with modern equipment that families can enjoy safely.

“Safety and inclusivity are huge priorities for us. We have made sure to include a number of play items that can be used by both children and adults with limited or reduced mobility. There is really something for everyone,” Mr Rutledge says.

Work on upgrading the play space will continue until the end of April 2022.