23 Feb 2017

Frequently asked questions about the Port Hills fire.

Q. What is the current fire situation?

A. Over 99% of the fire perimeter area is now considered controlled with at least a 10 metre break between the edge of the fire zone and vegetation. Fire crews remain on site to target remaining hotspots. 

Q. What will happen now that the state of emergency has ended?

A. Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel and Selwyn Mayor Sam Broughton have agreed to a period of transition to recovery as outlined in the Civil Defence Emergency Management Amendment Act 2016.  It will apply for 28 days, giving powers to the recovery managers in both areas - Murray Sinclair in Christchurch and Al Lawn in Selwyn. This grants them the ability to manage access into and through the fire-affected area, and also allows greater coordination of the recovery effort. Read more about the Recovery Managers. 

Q. When will all the cordons be lifted?

A. The cordons will remain in place as long as fire operations continue. The decision on when the cordons will be lifted will be made as part of the recovery function. 

Q. When will walking and cycling tracks reopen?

A. Several tracks including Huntsbury, Rapaki, Mt Vernon Shared Use and Mt Vernon Farm track have reopened but a number of tracks remain closed because they feed directly into the fire operations area, and are within the exclusion zone. Field signage is in place. More information on parks and tracks.

Q. What is the total cost of the fire to date?

A. The true cost of this fire will not be understood until firefighting operations have ceased and all parties involved have provided information on cost incurred by them in assisting with the fire.