30 Jun 2022

Christchurch City Council has approved a private plan change that will allow the Homebase retail centre on Marshland Road to expand, but there will be limitations on development.

The Council adopted recommendations made by the independent hearings panel that considered the application by Reefville Properties Limited to extend the commercial zone to the north of Homebase, and the public submissions received on it.

The panel recommended the rezoning of residential land to commercial should be allowed, with certain restrictions to be included in the District Plan to limit the impact of development. The panel considered the impact of the retail centre’s growth on things such as a safe road network, the nearby The Palms shopping centre and the amenity of neighbouring residential areas.

These restrictions include limiting, until October 2031, the type of retail activities that are allowed at the extended retail centre. The retail activities include clothing, footwear or department stores and supermarkets as part of the expansion until October 2031.

Development also needs to provide safe and convenient pedestrian and cycling connectivity between the adjoining residential areas to the west and Marshland Road.

Recommendations were also made about the scale and staging of development. Within the northern Homebase Centre, the total amount of floor space for all activities can’t exceed 20,000m2 Gross Lettable Floor Area (GLFA). Retail activities must be staged and shouldn’t exceed 5,000 m2 GLFA prior to October 2026 or 10,000 m2 GLFA prior to October 2031.

The applicant and anyone who made a submission on the proposed private plan change can appeal today’s decision to the Environment Court.

Find out more about the proposed private plan change.