27 Jul 2021

People biking in Christchurch are being encouraged to invest in a good quality bike lock.

“Bikes are a great way of getting around the city, but unfortunately low quality locks make them an easy target for thieves. It really pays to invest in a decent lock, if possible’’ says Christchurch City Council Transport Operations Manager Steffan Thomas.

“The most secure locks are the bulkiest and the heaviest because they can’t be easily snipped with wire or bolt cutters. If you want to protect your bike, go for a D-lock (or U-lock) or a 10mm to 14mm chain lock. In general, key locks are more secure than combination locks.

“When you’re locking your bike, make sure you lock it to an immovable object and lock through the bike frame, not just the wheel.

“If you are looking for a place to park and lock your bike, there is a map on the Christchurch City Council website which shows where bike stands are located,” Mr Thomas says.

Police recommend people also take several clear photographs of their bike including identifying marks and bespoke features, and keep a record of its serial number.

“You can store these photos electronically and upload them to snap.org.nz to keep a permanent record,” says Senior Sergeant Glenda Barnaby.

Serial numbers can normally be found underneath the bike by the pedals.

“We’d also like to remind people to take the necessary precautions when buying bikes online, to ensure the bike is not stolen,” says Senior Sergeant Barnaby.

“If you’re buying from an individual, we recommend you request proof of ownership. If the seller is not able or refuses to provide these, it’s possible the item may be stolen.”

The Consumer NZ bike locks feature has more details on keeping your bike safe, and a list of independently rated bike locks.