14 Mar 2022

With a clear plan and design now in place, work began last week on the realignment and repair of badly damaged Gough’s Bay Road in Banks Peninsula.

The damage occurred after a significant rainfall event in December.

Christchurch City Council contractors have been working to complete dropout repairs, remove slips and install road metal over the past three weeks.

“A priority for our contractors is to ensure the work is able to be completed safely,” says Council Head of Transport Lynette Ellis.

“There are two areas where water was found to be flowing through the hillside and under the main dropout. This has now been fixed with subsoil drains, allowing the water to exit the hillside without compromising the stability of the repair work.

“The new alignment is now expected to take six to eight weeks to complete however this timeframe will be subject to the weather and general site difficulties as well as the potential impacts of COVID-19 on the workforce.”

The four wheel drive track between Paua Bay and Goughs Bay was finished last week, allowing residents to enter and exit the bay safely.

The road remains closed to all non-residents and landowners.

For up-to-date information on other Banks Peninsula roads that suffered damage in December’s storm please visit our website.