Water  |  5 Jan 2021

Residents in Halswell, Wigram, Hornby, Sockburn and Templeton are being asked to keep conserving water to ease pressure on the local water supply network while work is done at the Denton Pump Station.

"We thank residents for their patience while we work to understand the full extent of the issue at Denton Pump Station," says Council Head of Three Waters and Waste Helen Beaumont.

“We expect to be able to advise a timeframe for repairs in the coming weeks and will keep residents updated accordingly.

“In the meantime, if you live in one of the affected suburbs, please continue to conserve water until further notice, especially outdoors.”

Ms Beaumont says there are no health concerns and the water supply is still clean and safe to drink.

“The issue is that with a pump station as big as Denton being out-of-service, it has an effect on the wider network and its ability to supply water at adequate pressures and flows, particularly at this time of year when water use is very high.”

The Council identified an issue with the suction tank at Denton Pump Station over the Christmas period and needed to shut it down. Other pump stations in the area are compensating to supply water to the affected area.

If you live in one of the affected suburbs, please:

  • Avoid outdoor water use between 7am and 9pm
  • Use a hand-held hose or watering can if you need to water your garden
  • Use a broom to sweep your driveway instead of hosing it
  • Use a bucket if washing your car

For more water saving tips, please visit ccc.govt.nz/savewater