26 Apr 2017

Where should Hornby’s new library, customer services and leisure centre go? And should they be all together under one roof or built as separate facilities?

These are the key questions Christchurch City Council wants the community to answer between now and Friday, June 9.

It has set aside $35 million for the new facilities, which are designed to serve the growing population in the south west of Christchurch. More than 12,000 new homes are expected to be built in the south west by 2044.

“The job now is to decide exactly where we want it located, and whether the community is best-served by a co-located facility – with the library, customer service and aquatic facility all on one site and under one roof – or if we want to separate the facilities onto different sites,” says Carolyn Robertson, Head of Libraries and Information.

A thorough site-selection process shortlisted three options – Denton Park, Kyle Park and Warren Park. Depending on the feedback, the new facilities would be located at one site, or spread over two, with the public able to suggest other sites.

“Each shortlisted option has its pros and cons, and they’re all explained in the information we’re making available,” Ms Robertson says.

“We’re very conscious that each park is already busy with users, and the development required for each park – whatever form the facilities take – won’t have significant impact on current sports activities. In fact, there are opportunities to integrate with and improve the sports facilities on whatever park is used, or to offset any displaced activity within the immediate area.

“The result will be first-class facilities that are in high demand – and this is the Hornby community’s chance to make sure that a valuable community asset is tailored to their needs,” Ms Robertson says.

Residents can leave feedback at Have Your Say and read the full consultation document, outlining all the options, at Council libraries and service desks.

The feedback will inform the Council’s preferred options for the facilities, which will then go before Councillors for a decision later in 2017.