3 Apr 2018

Temporary chlorination of the water supply in the north-west zone of Christchurch will begin from Friday, 6 April.

The north-west zone stretches from Belfast through to Yaldhurst and includes parts of Riccarton and Addington and supplies 80,000 people.

Treatment in the Riccarton zone will start on Wednesday 4 April. Supplies in Sockburn and Hornby (the West zone) will also be treated from Friday onwards.

Valves between the central and north-west zone have been shut off to stop any transfer of chlorinated water into the central zone. The central zone also has a higher pressure than the northwest, which prevents water from the northwest flowing into the central area.

Chlorine will need to be added into the water until the Council and public health officials are satisfied the below ground well heads across Christchurch are fully sealed so there is no risk of contamination.

Meeting the desired 12 month timeframe to end temporary chlorination will be extremely challenging and staff and contractors are doing their best to meet the deadline.

There is more information on our website.