23 Jun 2021

Riccarton’s two bus lounges will stay open.

Christchurch City Council was considering closing the bus lounges as one of the proposed cost-saving initiatives to offset the financial impacts of COVID-19, but changed its mind after considering public feedback on the Draft Long Term Plan 2021–31.

Of the 260 public submissions received on the Riccarton Bus Lounges, 200 opposed the proposed closure.

“We’re very grateful to the submitters who took the time to tell us their views on the proposal to close the bus lounges,” says Councillor Mike Davidson, Chair of the Urban Development and Transport Committee.

“They questioned why we were removing this service at a time when we’re trying to encourage people to use public transport and reinforced how important it is that our public transport network is reliable, accessible and safe.

“We listened carefully to this feedback and, as a result, decided not to go ahead with the proposal to close the bus lounges,’’ Cr Davidson says.

Cr Davidson says residents were clear that they wanted the Council to continue investing in transport infrastructure that improves travel choice, provides alternatives to travelling by car and helps to reduce emissions.

The Council supports the public transport network in Christchurch city by providing infrastructure such as bus stops, shelters and bus lanes.  Environment Canterbury provides the public transport service (i.e. buses) for Greater Christchurch.

Around 36 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in Christchurch are generated by traffic on our roads.

“We’re committing $96.7 million to improve, and renew, our bus infrastructure over the next 10 years. This includes bus lane priority, intersection improvements, bus interchange upgrades and bus stop improvements to support people travelling more often by bus,” Cr Davidson says.

 “By making it easier for people to choose alternative transport options, we’re also helping to meet our goals around climate change.”