9 Aug 2023

Plans to make sections of busy Fendalton roads safer for all road users are out for public feedback.

The proposal to upgrade sections of Glandovey Road and Idris Road between Fendalton Road includes installing new pedestrian refuge islands, speed cushions, cycle lanes, and kerb buildouts.

Transport Planning and Delivery Manager Jacob Bradbury says the project aims to addresss safety concerns brought to the Christchurch City Council’s attention by the Glandovey Idris Strowan Residents’ Association.

Pedestrian refuge islands are proposed for three locations on Glandovey Road, and two on Idris Road to make it easier for pedestrians to cross the roads.

Under the plan, speed cushions will be installed to slow vehicles before the crossing points.

“Speed cushions are good for this area, as they force ordinary vehicles to slow down to go over them, while heavy vehicles such as buses, fire engines and ambulances are typically wide enough to straddle them,” he says.

“This minimises the noise and vibration issues that sometimes occurs from these types of vehicles travelling over traffic slowing features.”

Improvements to the Glandovey/Fendalton intersection, including kerb buildouts and relocation of the pedestrian crossing are also included in the plan to support safety.

“To accommodate this plan, some parking loss is required. However, we’ve completed parking occupancy surveys which show that, on average, enough parks will be left to support current use,” says Mr Bradbury.

Have your say on the proposed safety improvement until Tuesday 5 September. To find out more and provide feedback go online to Let’s Talk.