26 Mar 2024

Essential safety work is set to begin at a high-risk intersection in Cashmere.

A range of improvements at the Cashmere Road, Colombo Street, Centaurus Road, and Dyers Pass Road roundabout will begin on 2 April. The work is due to be completed in early July. 

The roundabout has a high crash rate, with 27 crashes reported between 2010 and 2021. Ten of the 27 crashes resulted in serious injury. 

Christchurch City Council Transport Operations Manager Stephen Wright says several safety treatments are being installed to make the roundabout safer for everyone using the intersection. 

“We are installing safe speed treatments on all four approaches to the intersection, which is aimed at slowing traffic down. This means people have more time to react and avoid a crash and the impact of a crash is also less severe at lower speeds.” 

The works also involve new kerb alignments, footpath improvements and new road markings. A concrete apron will also be installed around the centre of the roundabout to help reduce the speed of people travelling through the roundabout. 

Mr Wright says road users can expect various traffic management layouts while the works are underway.  

These include temporary traffic lights, shoulder closures, lane drops and temporary on-street parking removal. 

Mr Wright says Council appreciates the patience of road users during the works period. 

“We know these safety improvements will be disruptive, but the work is essential, and the community will benefit in the long term with a much safer roundabout.” 

Find more information including plans and 3D rendering of the roundabout upgrades here